Courage Headband Cowl

#Headband | This quick and simple pattern for the Courage Crochet Headband and Cowl was designed for the 2020 Cancer Crochet Challenge, but it is a great headband and cowl for any occasion!
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Smokey lentil amp walnut bolognese with crispy roast potatoes

#Roast Potatoes | A new and pretty delicious bolognese recipe! With red lentils, toasted walnuts, mushrooms and smokey flavours its packing a Unami punch. Lovely and deep and rich, its perfect served with crispy potatoes like I have here, but would be fab with pasta or even loaded on toast. I drizzled with my favourite tahini dressing as…
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Umami in a Jar aka Mushroom Powder

#Mushroom Powder | This Mushroom Powder is magical for seasoning just about anything. it is smooth and creamy adding a depth of flavor to all you soups, stews and more.
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