Quot Who is Tara quot mdash the miraculous mystical and marvelous view Book excerpt from quot A Belief in the Miraculous quot mdash Jason Espada

#Mdash | ContentsAn Introduction to the Bodhisattva-Divinity Tara‘If I could only give you the moon…’Making a distinction – the word ‘deity’In Praise of TaraBeautiful chanting of Tara’s Mantra by Ani Choying Drolma Many Buddhists in “modern” times tend to rationalize the “sacred” and the “miraculous” as metaphors and skillful means. While this may seem very reasonable, safe…
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Couple Has The Best Dog Themed Wedding Cake Ever

#Wedding Cake | So perfect.
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Easy Cheeseburger Quesadillas Recipe

#Cheeseburger | Need a quick dinner meal? Try this Cheeseburger Quesadillas recipe! Make with ground beef, pickle, and cheddar cheese. You can even add bacon, blue cheese, BBQ sauce, or whatever you like on your burger!
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